Work based learning 


Work-based learning (“WBL”) is the core of the Normative Skills programme where learning at work will be integrated with the Normative Skills workshops.


Students are encourage to reflect on the comments from each workshop to incorporate the feedback in the workplace and further work based learning.  This will ensure that the skills taught at the workshops are practically considered and applied. This approach encourages introspection after feedback is received, which should foster lifelong professional learning. 

Work based learning endeavours to:

  • Develop skills to practice as an actuary
  • Create a culture of lifelong learning
  • Satisfy public need for competence
  • Develop a process for self-assessing competence 

Work-Based Learning applies to all students joining after 31 December 2014 and students that are registered for the Normative Skills programme. 

The requirements differ from the previous F303 - Work Based Skills. The WBS structure is applicable to students that registered before this date and qualify for the Normative Skills transitional arrangements. You may only follow the structure for F303 - Work Based Skills if you are considered to be a Normative Skills transitional candidate, having successfully completed 1 of the following:

A401 – Business Awareness Module

A402 – Model documentation Analysis and reporting

F210 – Generic Practice module

F304 – Fellowship Professionalism Course

 For more detail on the previous structure for Work Based Skills, please refer to WorkBasedSkills

 Work based learning requirements

To qualify as an actuary, a minimum number of years work based learning will be required.   You should register for Work Based Learning once you are in employment and have joined the Actuarial Society of South Africa.  

You will be required to complete and submit the WBL Evaluation Form on registration and then every six months thereafter until the end of the work based learning period. Your supervisor should sign off on all submissions.  The submission of the evaluation form needs to be supplemented with a portfolio of evidence in support of the skills developed.  The portfolio of evidence will also include review questions.  A summary of the requirements are:

   Associateship   Fellowship 
 Minimum work based learning  experience.
 2 years
 Submit the WBL Evaluation form and  portfolio of evidence upon registration and every 6 months thereafter.
 3 years
 Submit the WBL Evaluation form and  portfolio of evidence upon registration  and every 6 months thereafter.
 Minimum review questions  included in the portfolio of  evidence.

 4 review questions
 The review questions should cover four key dimensions.
 Two of the review questions can be  replaced by assignments.

 6 review questions
 The review questions should cover six key  dimensions.
 Three of the review questions can be  replaced by assignments. 


Steps for completing work based learning:


1. Please familiarize yourself with the WBL Student Guide before registering.
2. To register, please proceed to your ASSA member profile and register online for either F330 (Work Based Learning for Fellows) or A430 (Work Based Learning for Associates).
3. Thereafter you will be given access to ASSA online Learning Platform and you will find the WBL Evaluation form which should be updated and submitted every six months before each Normative Skills workshop and include a portfolio of evidence and review questions.  Please refer to WBL Typical Review Questions for examples of review questions.

Full details on how to complete the forms, the role of your supervisor and other information can be found in the Work Based Learning Student guide.