Professionalism Courses

Professionalism is a key aspect of our membership. Not only do the courses prepare you for some of the problems that you will meet in your professional life but, more importantly, it will alert you to the existence of those problems. 

The courses consist of lectures, group discussions and case studies. There is no formal assessment during the course, but active participation is expected from all attendees. Pre-reading will be circulated prior to the course and it is essential that all attendees are familiar with this content.

Fellowship Professionalism Course

All students intending to enrol for the class of Fellow actuaries are required to attend a two-day Professionalism Course within twelve months of completing their academic requirements, WBS and the Practice Module.  

Associate Professionalism Course

All students intending to enrol for class of Associate actuaries are required to attend a one-day Associate Professionalism course on completion of their academic requirements and WBS.

Applied Enterprise Risk Management Course

The attendance of this two-day course is compulsory for a member to obtain the CERA designation. The course provides students with exposure to more in-depth practical aspects of Enterprise Risk Management than are provided in the F106 course (which focuses more on principles). 

Non - ASSA members wishing to register for the C100 course, kindly contact the ASSA Administration office directly: 

email: assaadmin@actuarialsociety.org.za

Tel: 021 509 5242

Course dates and venues 

Further information pertaining to course dates and registration can be found at the following link:


Should you have any specific enquiries pertaining to the above mentioned courses, please contact:

 email: assaadmin@actuarialsociety.org.za

Tel: 021 509 7880