Normative Skills

In developing a distinct South African qualification, the Actuarial Society of South Africa strives to provide an education programme that focuses on delivering professionals that are not only technically adept but capable of delivering on the full rounded professional promise. In the current environment actuaries need a lot more than the basic technical skills to meet market demands. Additional delivery skills are required in areas such as engaging with and presenting to clients and line managers, the ability to justify and structure recommendations as well as professional behavioural skills. These skills in the actuarial profession will be known as “normative skills”, which need to be combined with the technical skills and a professional organisational infrastructure to ensure the effectiveness of the professional actuary.

Many of these skills have traditionally only been taught at the start of the qualification process. However, there is consensus amongst educationalists that an experiential learning approach is far more effective in ensuring competency and sustainability in these skills. With this in mind and as per previous updates, a course named Actuarial Professional Practice (APP) was developed that is now proceeding into the implementations phase.

The skills and capabilities include, but are not limited to, the knowledge and dispositions related to:
a)     effective communication;
b)     business management and the regulatory environment; 
c)     professional and ethical practice and
d)     life skills

Please refer to the following for specific details about the Normative skills:


Pre-requisites and guidance as to what is required for entry into each component of both the Core APP and the Fellowship APP: Normative Skills Admissions

Presentation Slides from the Normative Skills Sessional meeting can be viewed here:

October 2014: Sessional Presentation for Normative Skills

Details pertaining to updates and communications will be posted here for your perusal:

Normative Skills: November 2014 Communication

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