Tuition Support for F200 Fellowship Examination Candidates


Course structure


The purpose of the Fellowship exams is to assess your capability to practice as a Fellow actuary in a professional environment. This requires you to analyse, evaluate and make complex judgements to solve problems. A comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the practice field is an essential requirement to enable the thinking and judgement activities but knowledge testing is not the major focus of the paper.

The presentation strategies used in the courses are therefore not based on covering the full range of knowledge content in the field. Rather, course leaders will provide guidance on other resources that should be consulted and facilitate discussions to assist with developing the skills required for the examination. This requires you to read and to study the assigned readings before the session concerned and express views on the material provided.

A rough time estimate is approximately fifteen hours of work each week.

The seminar series’ times and venues will be arranged by Course Leaders to suit all concerned as far as possible. Depending on the location of students, attempts will be made to offer support in both Cape Town and Gauteng. Please register as soon as possible to facilitate the planning.

Course leaders will provide guidance on resources that should be consulted and may provide a schedule for knowledge preparation before the scheduled seminar.


Interactive web-based learning

Some Course Leaders have commenced with the use of an interactive web-based ASSA Online learning platform which includes core reading, lectures and other notes. Facilities for forums, electronic interactive sessions and chat lines are included and will be facilitated by a senior practicing actuary. In this case it is important for the students to interact using the web facilities.

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Course leaders


Subject   Course Leader         Email
Subject F201 – Health and Care Applications Roseanne da Silva roseanne@worldonline.co.za
Subject F202 – Life Insurance Applications Giles Waugh gwaugh@deloitte.co.za
Subject F203 – General Insurance Application Karl Meissner-Roloff
Subject F204 – Retirement and Related Benefits Applications Hugh du Toit hdtass@mweb.co.za
Subject F205 – Investment Applications Michael Tichareva


Subject F206 - Banking Specialist Applications
Michael Tichareva mtichareva@natstandard.com



Benefits of courses


The benefits of taking the tuition can be summarized as follows:

  • The student enters a structured studying environment with milestones to ensure that he/she covers the syllabus in a timely and effective fashion before the exam.
  • The student is directly exposed to the experience of the tutors (who are senior practising actuaries in the relevant areas) and other students who will also tend to be working in the relevant field. This exposure comes face to face at the seminars, online via the discussion forums etc, and via the feedback provided on the assignment and mock exam scripts.
  • The student has an experienced tutor available at all times to assist, via telephone or online, with queries and areas of difficulty, and can learn from the responses to issues raised by other students.
  • The two assignments and the mock exam provide good exam condition practice, and the feedback provided is essential to improving exam technique and identifying weaknesses in knowledge.

Please note the following:

Times and venues

The lecture times and venue will be arranged to suit all concerned as far as possible. Depending on the location of students, attempts will be made to offer support in both Cape Town and Gauteng.


Registration Procedure

All students who are interested in enrolling for tuition support must please make use of the online registration facility. Communication about the open and close of registration will be sent via email - please ensure that you make note of the details when the email is received.

For any tuition course enquiries please contact email: assadmin@actuarialsociety.org.za

Please allow us to use this opportunity to wish you the best of luck with your preparation for the examination sessions. We trust that you will find the tuition support offered very helpful to enable you to deliver your best possible attempt.