Exam entry


Admission and Registration


Students joining the (AS) who wish to enter the examinations must have been confirmed as student members, having paid any fees and subscriptions due or outstanding.  Exam entries will only be accepted via the AS Online Exam Registration Function in the Member Section.

A student communication confirming that the online exam registrations are open for the appropriate session will be circulated via e-mail as well as notice posted on the (AS) website.  

If you have special requirements, please refer to the specific requirements section.



To de-register within the registration period click on the deregister link in the left hand column, on the member section. To de-register for an exam AFTER the exam registration period, please refer to the below policies, procedure and application forms. Please note that until you receive confirmation from us that you are successfully de-registered you are still liable for payment.
• A1 and A2 Series Subjects and F106: According to the UK IFoA policy, no refunds will be given after registration closes
• A301, A302 and all F Series Subjects (excl. F106) as well as the Normative Skills components: Please refer to the ASSA credit note policy

Late entries will not be accepted for any examination
Due to very tight deadlines for dispatching examination material to centres and examiners, including candidate lists, after the closing date, we cannot allow late entries.

Proof of registration


During the online exam registration process you will be able to download a PDF copy of your exam registration “Proof of Registration”. Candidates must print this Proof of Registration and ensure that all the details contained therein are correct.  Confirmation of examination entries will be published weekly on the (AS) website during the registration period.

Entry changes

A1 and A2 series and F106 exam sunjects: As per the UK IFoA policy, no changes can be made after the close of registration.
A301 / A302  and F1 and F2 series  exam subjects: Any changes requested to examination entries after the closing date must be made in writing to the ASSA administration office. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.

Bulk entries by companies


Although students will no longer be able to pass their forms to the personnel or training department of their company to register them for an exam, companies can still process bulk payments on behalf of their employees. Students will have to ensure that they provide either their Proof of Registration or the Invoice received to the appropriate person at their company to ensure that the appropriate payment is made. Invoices will be emailed within 2 -4 working days after the student has complete the online exam registration, this invoice will be sent to the email address to which the students receives all his/her (AS) notifications, statements, communications etc.

If your company pays via EFT or by transferring a payment into our account, they must ensure that the details are sent confirming for what and to whom the fees relate. If we receive fees without the paperwork or paperwork without detailing the fee details then we cannot process the entry. Electronic payment must be made in good time to ensure that the payment is received in our account before the closing date.

Examination permits


An examination permit will available for download from your member profile on the (AS) website no later than three weeks before the examinations, advising you of your candidate number, to be quoted on your examination script. Please contact the Head of Administration if you are unable to download your permit. The permit will include the examination centre address details and the time of the examination. Again, please check the details to ensure that they are correct.
Note: Exams permits plus photo identification must be presented at examination venues in order to sit the exam. The only acceptable forms of photo identification are:
• ID Document
• South African driver’s license
• Passport 


Examination centres


A list of available examination centres are provided on the website. Candidates wishing to sit at a centre not shown online must complete the Request for Alternative Exam Venue Application Form. You will need to request this from the Head of Administration.  Requests for additional centres will be considered based on demand and availability.

Online Examination Policy

An online exam is a timed and open-book exam.

Timeframe: You will have a defined period of time to answer the questions on the test. If you do not complete the exam within the required time, it will expire.

System requirements: The examination may be taken on any computer with internet access.

Please refer to the full Online Exam Policy document to ensure that you follow the correct instructions when attempting your exam

Conduct at the venue



Candidates will not be allowed into the examination room after the first half hour has elapsed unless they have been delayed due to exceptional circumstances.  Candidates may not leave the examination room until after the first half hour of the time available for writing answers has elapsed. If they wish to leave they must hand their answer booklets to the Invigilator as proof of attendance, along with the examination paper.
You should note that if you attend the examination your script will be handed in to be marked, regardless of how much you write. You cannot ask for the script not to be submitted.   If you leave the exam early please leave the room quietly as so not to disturb the other candidates.

Candidates who are absent from the first A301 (Actuarial Risk Management) paper for any reason are not permitted to sit the second A301 (Actuarial Risk Management) paper as this is treated as one exam.

No candidate may leave the examination room temporarily without the permission of the invigilator.
Any candidate not attending the examination will be marked as absent and this will not count as an attempt.
Should you not be able to attend your examination there is no need for you to inform either the centre or the exam team, any absentees will be recorded as such and will not be counted as an attempt. Any candidate who is ill at the time of the examination and feels their performance has been affected by this must advise the ASSA Administration Office accompanied by a doctor’s certificate within three weeks of the exams. You will need to send these documents to the Head of Administration. This will then be forwarded to the Board of Examiners for consideration. 

Examination times- All candidates must ensure that they are present at least 30 minutes before the exam starts.
All candidates should be seated at least 10 minutes before the start of each exam paper at the correct desk allocated to them by the invigilator.
Please ensure that you bring your Exam Permit to the examination and leave it on your desk for the Invigilator to check.
During the 10 minutes before the start of the examination candidates should read the instructions on both the answer booklet and the examination paper. Also in this time they must ensure the boxes of the front cover of the booklet are complete with the necessary details.

Pencils should not be used to write answers that are to be marked in the answer booklet.
Candidates may not smoke in the examination room.
Food will not be allowed due to the disturbance it causes to other candidates
Drinks will be allowed.
No talking is allowed once the examination has commenced and the invigilator must not be asked their opinion on any of the questions.
Candidates must stop writing at the end of the examination when told to do so. Any candidate who continues to write will be reported to the Board of Examiners.
Candidates should remain in the examination room until all scripts have been collected.

Photographic Identity

Each candidate will be required to show a form of photographic identification when appearing for each examination. At the start of the examination your photographic identification must be placed on the examination desks so that it may be checked during the examination by an Invigilator. You should therefore ensure that your identification is clearly visible on the desk. The following are acceptable as identification
• A current passport
• Driver’s license
• Identity book (South African)
If you do not hold one of these forms of identification, then you are expected to obtain one before the date of the exam.

Examination Stationary

Candidates may not take their own books or notes into the exam room. Candidates will be issued with the following stationery for the exam:
• Exam answer script
• Scrap paper on which to make notes
• Formulae and Tables
• Graph paper where required
If candidates run out of space in the exam answer script, sheets of lined continuation paper will be given out upon request once the exam has commenced. Candidates should not write on more than one exam answer script. Candidates may make notes on the scrap paper in pencil, but must use a pen when writing their answers in the exam answer script.
Pages must not be torn out of the booklet to be used as scrap paper.
Candidates must leave their bags and coats away from their desks at the sides of the examination room. The Actuarial Society of South Africa bears no responsibility for loss or theft of possessions whilst examinations are being held at the examination centre. 

Permitted Calculators

Candidates may use an electronic calculator in the exam subject to the following conditions:
They must bring their own calculator. No one will be given any extra time if they choose not to use a calculator or if a calculator breaks down in the course of the exam. Exam supervisors will not have extra batteries or calculators.
Under no circumstances should hand-held personal computers of any description be taken into the exam room.
Calculators must be silent, be visual display only, and be battery or solar powered.
Any stored data or stored program facilities must be cleared before the calculator is taken into the exam room.
Candidates should show all intermediate results for their calculations to gain full marks for a correct answer.
The Hewlett Packard HP12C calculator has now been reinstated in the list of those approved for use in the exams.
Following feedback from individual students, representatives from the student consultative forum, employers and from other actuarial associations, it has been decided to reverse the previous decision to remove the HP12C calculator from the approved list.
The full list of approved calculators is: 

  • Casio FX82 (with or without any suffix)
  • Casio FX83 (with or without any suffix)
  • Casio FX85 (with or without any suffix)
  • Hewlett Packard HP12c (with or without any suffix)
  • Sharp EL531 (with or without any prefix or suffix)
  • Texas Instruments BA II Plus (with or without any suffix)
  • Texas Instruments TI-30 (with or without any suffix)

You must ensure that you are using one of these calculators in all your exams, or you will be given a mark of zero.

Interruption to the Examination

Candidates should be aware that perfect conditions cannot be guaranteed, for example we have no influence over external noise. If any interruptions occur during the examination candidates must continue to write their answers, all incidents are notified on a report by the invigilator, which is forwarded to the Board of Examiners. If concerned you should follow this up with the Exams Team to ensure that the incident has been reported as it cannot be taken into account after the results publication.
Any prolonged interruptions e.g. fire alarm or security alert which causes the examination to be stopped will again be notified on a report by the invigilator, which is forwarded to the Board of Examiners. Should you be instructed to leave the room you must leave your question paper and answer booklet on the desk and not speak to anyone outside the examinations room.
 As soon as you are able to re-enter the examination room you should continue answering the questions. Extra time will be given to accommodate the lost time if appropriate. If too much time has been lost, e.g. more than an hour, the Invigilator will collect scripts and examination papers and the scripts will be marked on the answers made in the time available taking into account the incident that interrupted the examination. At the end of the examination you will find a Comment Forms to complete if you wish to register any problems.
Candidates should be aware of security at all times and not leave bags unattended outside of the examination room and ensure they have their exam permits with them on entering the examination room.


Question paper


Question papers must be handed back to the Invigilator at the end of the examination. Candidates are not permitted to take them out of the examination room for security reasons. Question papers are posted on the website shortly after the exams.


Negated attempt


If your attempt to sit an exam and it is suspended, cancelled or otherwise nullified (whether before, during or after the examination sitting itself) by the Actuarial Society of South Africa, we will waive the fee for the next attempt. The Actuarial Society of South Africa reserves the right to decide not to reschedule any exam or to provide any compensation depending on circumstances.

F100 (excl F106) / F200 series and A302 exams: Candidates wishing to withdraw their exam entry should refer to the Fees Carried Forward  Policy and the Credit Note Application Form

A100 / A200 series and F106 exams: UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Refund policy
For applications received:
• Before the exam registration closing date: a 50% refund of the exam fee paid will be given
After the exam registration closing date: no refund will be given