Candidate with specific requirements

 This pertains only to exam candidates attempting the ASSA co-ordinated exams: A301 / A302, F101 - F105 and F201 - F206.  Applications made with reference to UK co-ordinated exams: F106; A100 series and A200 series, are reviewed directly by the UKIFoA and the outcome will be communicated to the candidate by the UK, therefore applications submitted after the registration entry deadline cannot be accepted.

Candidate with specific requirements Policy on the facilitation of candidates with specific requirements in the examination process




The Actuarial Society of South Africa (“Actuarial Society”) is committed to providing a learning and assessment experience of quality and integrity to every candidate intent on writing an actuarial examination of the Society. This includes the facilitation of the specific needs of students with specific requirements.


Point of departure


The Actuarial Society understands that Candidates with specific requirements may have specific needs with regards to the examination process that are not facilitated under normal circumstances. The Society is committed to interventions in order to facilitate those needs, wherever realistically practical, relevant and reasonably affordable.

The Society further believes that generic provision for defined classes of specific requirements is not the ideal approach to assisting candidates with specific requirements and commits to evaluating the needs requirements of each candidate with a specific requirement to ensure an optimal solution.


Process of needs identification


Candidates wishing to request alternative examination arrangements due to specific requirements must submit their initial enquiry/application to the Education Office. They will then be required to fill out an application form, stipulating:

                     i.            The nature of the disability, and

                     ii.           The nature of the alternative arrangement required


To apply please complete the application form below and send to assaadmin@actuarialsociety.org.za

Candidates with Specific Requirements Application form (pdf)

The nature of the disability:

The application needs to be accompanied by a letter from a health professional registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), or a similar institution, should the health professional not be in South Africa. The letter must substantiate the nature and extent of the disability involved. The letter must also be at least 6 months old, any letters older then that will not be accepted. The letter will also need to contain the doctor’s recommendation indicating what, in the doctor’s opinion the student will need.

The nature of the alternative arrangement required:

Candidates wishing to request alternative examination arrangements due to venue changes must directly apply their initial enquiry to the ASSA Administration Office


Consideration of request


The application will be considered by the Director of Education in consultation with the Chairperson of the Board of Examiners. Once a decision is reached with regards to alternative arrangements to be made, the candidate will be informed and the relevant steps will be taken to ensure that a suitable venue, infrastructure, resources, invigilator or schedule is procured, as may be relevant to the situation. Additional information be required e.g. proof of previous granted special requirements by another institute. Doctors may be called to verify and applicants may be called into The Actuarial Society offices for an interview.


Alternative arrangements available


The possible alternative arrangements available as options include, but are not limited to,

i)    Readers

ii)   Writers

iii)  Suitable venue

iv)  Ergonomic furniture

v)   Extended time for writing

vi)  Computers

vii) Alternative formatting of examination paper


Examination sitting


The candidate will receive detailed instructions with regards to the terms of the alternative arrangement, including details of differences in scheduling, venue, etc. The invigilator will be briefed with regards to the alternative arrangements that have been approved and any additional requirements that may flow from such arrangements.




Should the arrangements made for addressing the needs of the candidate extend to the marking of the paper, the principal examiner and the markers will be consulted and informed of any additional requirements.



Alternative arrangements made for any given examination session will not automatically be transferred to any subsequent sessions. Should a candidate require alternative arrangements at any other examination sessions, the application process must be followed from the beginning.




Amendments to this policy can only be made by a legitimate decision of the Council of the Actuarial Society.