Audit of exam scripts

Quality assurance of marking of exam scripts
The South African exam setting and marking process involves examiners from South Africa and the UK. Borderline candidate’s exam scripts are marked at least twice and both the pass marks and the pass rates are consistent with UK standards. The UK oversight examiners are personally involved in marking papers and in discussion on pass marks and pass rates.
In every subject there is specific confirmation from Principle Examiners in the UK that the standards are appropriate and consistent with the UK – the examinations are of the same standard, the marking is neither stricter nor more lenient.
Students who have doubts concerning the final outcome of their exam result may request and audit of their exam script by the Board of Examiners. 

This policy and procedure explains the right for a student to request an audit of his/her exam script. It also applies to other forms of assessment which form part of the Associate and Fellowship qualification process.

The Director of Education is responsible for overseeing and managing the administration of the audit process, including monitoring the progress of the application and ensures that the time scales are adhered to.

An application for an audit will only be considered 10 days after the exam results have been released. No applications after this period will be considered. Please note A101 – A205 and F106 audits are done by the UK Profession. 
The UK policy and regulations will need to be followed. The Actuarial Society cannot be held responsible for the outcome of these. For details, please consult the process: Audit of Exam scripts policy

Definition of terms
Examination results are defined as the final marks, awarded to candidates for an examination written with the Actuarial Society.
An application for an audit is a formal request for review of the mark awarded to a candidate for an examination.

The grounds for an audit of examination script
Candidates may request an audit of their exam script on the following grounds:
• belief that an administrative or procedural error has occurred
• belief that the grade awarded was inappropriate

Once an audit application form is received, an initial check will be made in the Registry to ensure that no obvious administrative mistake has been made. In the unlikely event that such a mistake is found, which materially affected the result (i.e. pass rather than fail), the result will be amended accordingly and the fee will be refunded in full.

The principle of ignorantia juris non excusat will apply, i.e. not familiarising yourself with all the relevant examination regulations will not be valid grounds for an audit.

Audit request outcome
There are two possible outcomes to an audit request application:
• an improvement to your result for the assessment (i.e. pass rather than fail)
• no change in your result for the assessment

Cost of audit
The Actuarial Society will, from time to time, set a specified price for the processing of an audit request. The cost can be found in the ASSA Fees Schedule. The appeal fee will only be waived if the audit results in a change to a candidate’s published examination result.

Audit request procedure
In order request for an audit on an exam script an audit request application form must be completed and sent within 10 working days of the publication of the results.  This form will need to be requested from the Head of Administration: assaadmin@actuarialsociety.org.za

Receipt of the audit application form will be acknowledged within 5 working days. The Actuarial Society reserves the right to refuse applications for an audit that are received after the deadline.

The ASSA administration office will then forward the audit application form, along with your examination script and relevant examination materials, to the assigned Principal Examiner who will undertake a scrutiny of the script to ensure the final marks awarded are correct.

The Principal Examiner will then send the examination script with comments and a recommendation to a nominee for final consideration and for quality control purposes.

The Principal Examiner will submit the verdict and the script to the Education Executive, and the Chairman of the Board of Examiners.

The Education Executive will inform the candidate of the outcome of the audit. A copy of the audit application form and audit report letter will be retained with the script at the ASSA Office until one year after submission of the audit.

In the event that an audit results in a revision of the original examination result, the candidate will be notified and the fee will be refunded accordingly.

Once the audit has been completed and the result communicated to the candidate, the Actuarial Society will not enter into any further correspondence regarding the request.

Turnaround time for processing an audit request
Candidates will receive the outcome of an appeal from the Education Executive no later than 30 working days after receipt of the audit request form at the ASSA Office. If an undue delay is expected (e.g. due to illness, holidays) the candidate will be notified.

Review and amendment
Any amendment to the terms of this policy must be made through a legitimate decision of the Education Board of the Actuarial Society.