Volunteers play an active role in the development of the actuarial profession in South Africa and are the lifeblood of the Actuarial Society. There are many reasons to volunteer, with significant benefits for the volunteers as well as the profession:

1. To gain continuous professional development.
2. To make a contribution to their profession.
3. To gain wider skills and experience.
4. To build a network of actuarial colleagues.
5. To make new friends.
6. To work with leaders in the profession.
7. To gain other perspectives on work issues.
8. To meet a challenge.
9. To influence their broad working environment.
10. To influence positively the profession’s reputation.
11. To apply the Actuarial Society’s volunteer policies and procedures.
12. To interact with other professionals – accountants, lawyers, statisticians, etc.
13. To learn and keep up to date with new developments.
14. To represent employers.
15. To provide a service to others.
16. To help develop other people.
17. To pass on their skills and knowledge.
18. To contribute to transformation of the profession.
19. To gain personal recognition.
20. To do interesting and stimulating work.
21. To link actuarial work and current issues in the workplace.

Code of practice

Contact volunteers@actuarialsociety.org.za for more information about volunteering for the Actuarial Society.