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Current Volunteer Activities:

Volunteer Activities – May 2016

Over and above all the committee members that have contributed to get the year of to a rolling start, the following education volunteer activities are underway:

  • F100 Online project – ongoing
  • F205 Re-write
  • F202 Q&A Bank Development
  • Normative skills Workshop 3 preparation

Volunteers required:

  1. F202 Q&A Development - Job spec
  2. F100 Online Course Owners and Teams - Job spec

Acknowledgements: May 2016

This month we want to acknowledge the volunteers that helped us with the F100 on-line programme.   This is a fairly new initiative that is delivering some fantastic results which would not have been possible without the inputs for the following people:

  • F101: Reinhild Nauhaus; Shaun Burger; Robyn Wilson; Marnus Theron; Thandi Mcizana
  • F102: Dunny Semwayo; Janice Angove; Elsa Gouws; Rajit Patel; Tashvir Khalawan; Juan Labuschagne; Svenja Poriazis
  • F103: Sam Walton; Stefan Strydom; Francois van Wyk; Conrad Calitz
  • F105: Shishir Venkatesh; Abulela Gazi; Twané Wessels; Rob Baker; Brian Karidza; Melosi Baloyi; Ben Semugga; Ismail Jawwaad; Tian Zhang; Suvar Hariparsad; Simon Boulle; Henk Appelo; Pieter Wessels