NHI task team


The Actuarial Society’s NHI task team was set up to develop a costing model to explore scenarios related to the implementation of a National Health Insurance (NHI) system for South Africa.

The intention of the NHI task team is to provide a technical resource with a sound costing methodology and objective and transparent results to inform discussions about NHI and ensure that NHI implementation is undertaken in a financially sound way.

The flexible model caters for different benefit packages, different roles for existing medical schemes and supply-side adjustments. The outputs include overall costing, funding options and supply-side implications.

The model was initially developed by Deloitte in 2009 with funding from Discovery Health and shared with the Actuarial Society in 2010, facilitating wider stakeholder input and access to the shared resource.

The NHI task team will continue to develop the model on an ongoing basis and has identified areas for further research in order to refine assumptions used in the model.

Contact Roseanne da Silva for more information about the Actuarial Society’s NHI task team.