Life Assurance


Subcommittees and task forces


The Life Assurance committee may form committees or task forces to address specific matters of relevance to its scope and objectives from time to time.

The current subcommittees are as follows:

  • IAS
  • Embedded values
  • Investment guarantees
  • Life office taxation
  • Education
  • Role of Statutory Actuary
  • SAP104 drafting-update
  • APN106 drafting-update

IAS subcommittee

 Michael Fuchs (Chairman)

 Peter Withey
Jaco Bosch
Laura Kirker
Hugo Louw
Christiaan Nel
Hennie Muller
Lance Raftesath
Peter Tripe
Inge van der Spuy
Hennie van Wyk
 Wynand Louw

Embedded Values subcommittee
Gert van den Berg (Chairman)
Barry Laggar
Hennie Muller
Carrie-Anne Kropman
Quinton Greyling
John Henderson
Deon Booysen
David Kirk
Gareth Tennick
Jaco Louw
Warren Henning
Ryan Subotzky
 Xander Faure
 Machsie Boshoff

Investment Guarantees subcommittee
Edru Ochse (Chairman)
Adam Claassen
Anabel Harrison
Carrie-Anne Kropman
Lindy Schmaman
Neil Kennedy
Edmond Vigoureux
Gerber Schnetler
WA Spangenberg

Life Ofice Tax subcommittee
Riaan van Reenen  (Chairman)
Sue Atkins
Sean Arthur
Rob Clover
Peter Donaldson
Claude du Plessis
Pieter Wessels
Philna Moores
Marquerithe Schreuder
Dewald van der Berg

Education subcommittee
Jan van der Merwe (Chairman)
Colin van Zyl
Andries Groenewald
Erik Booysen
Jan de Wet
Liesl Penzhorn
Wendy Stephenson
Svenja Poriazis
Philip Swanepoel

Role of Statutory Actuary
Colin van Zyl (Chairman)
Paul Lancaster
Lance Raftesath
Andy Rayner
Wynand Louw
Paul Truyens
Alex Roux
Peter Tripe
Paul Zondagh

SAP104 drafting-update
Johan Potgieter (Chairman)
Simon Louw
Michael Fuchs
Hendrik Muller
Peter Carswell
Chantal Ferreira
Deon Booysen

APN106 drafting-update
Simon Louw (Chairman)
Colin van Zyl
Alex Roux
Wynand Louw
Rob Williams
Raymond Bennett