Bona Lesedi Mathematics Initiative




The Bona Lesedi Mathematics Initiative is a joint venture by the Actuarial Society, the Catholic Women's League and Pretoria Boys' High School.
A student member of the Actuarial Society, Helgard Basson, was involved in the initiative, which entailed extra tuition by learners and teachers of Pretoria Boys' High for learners in townships. He was so encouraged by the increase in the marks of the township learners that he developed a formal proposal for an outreach programme. It was funded by Momentum in 2009 and 2010. In 2011, the Actuarial Society agreed to sponsor the programme for three years. The Catholic Women's League is responsible for administrative functions. The sponsorship covers transport costs, lunch and stationery, as well as very small gifts for the presenters.


Program structure


Fifteen learners from each of Grades 11 and 12 at Bona Lesedi attend the classes, and then pass their new knowledge on to their classmates at Bona Lesedi. The Bona Lesedi teacher reports a significant increase in the marks of the classes as a whole.
Learners also have access to the services of a qualified social worker.


Program successes


The programme not only improves the marks of learners, but promotes social cohesion and gives those learners who are more privileged an opportunity to become involved in community outreach programmes from an early age. The programme has been so successful that the Bona Lesedi teacher requested additional sessions, and asked if subjects like Science can be covered as well.