Actuaries on the move



The ASSA Diversity Committee is tasked with developing initiatives to address the distorted membership profile of the organisation. Its flagship project, developed in conjunction with and sponsored by Metropolitan Life (now MMI), is "Actuaries on the Move". The project is based on extensive research and analysis. In short, it entails intensive tuition in Mathematics, Science, English, study skills, computer skills and life skills.


Project launch

The project was launched in Soweto in January 2002, with a group of 40 Grade 11 learners from 12 schools whereby learners received extra tuition every Saturday for the duration of the year. The project has been refined but continues along similar lines.



There have been notable improvements in the academic performance and results of learners as a result of the project. Furthermore several leaners going on to study mathematics and science related field at a tertiary level, including actuarial science.
ASSA is proud of these learners, whose achievements are the results of hard work and dedication. We are grateful to MMI, who sponsors the programme. We are glad that we could have been part of the process of empowering these learners. An exciting future awaits them as they prepare to fulfil their potential as proud South Africans.