South African Actuarial Journal Volume 6 (2006)


Planning lifelong professionalisation learning for actuaries

Author(s): MW Lowther and W McMillan
This paper presents a model for what is termed Lifelong Professionalisation Learning for actuaries. The model is grounded on the proposition that professions are dynamic, offering the public varying quantities and qualities of professional aspects over time. The overall curriculum for the model is derived by ordering these aspects into cognitive, normative and organisational strands. Different aspects of the curriculum need to be addressed at the different stages of an actuary’s career. Delivery of the curriculum may take many forms, and should be planned by national actuarial associations under the guidance of an education expert.
Keywords: Professionalism, professionalisation, continuing professional education, lifelong learning

Planning lifelong professionalisation learning for actuaries (pdf)


A typology of models used in actuarial science

Author(s): RJ Thomson
This paper proposes a categorisation of the models used in actuarial science. It illustrates the application of that categorisation by using it to classify numerous such models. It is suggested that this categorisation, together with the illustrative classification, may be used as a typology for the classification of other such models, and that this typology may be found useful as a candidate exemplar, or as a basis for further refinement, in the discourse of actuarial science.
Keywords: Actuarial models; categorisation; classification; typology

A typology of models used in actuarial science (pdf)


Editorial: Paradigm Lost?


SAAJ Volume 6 Editorial (pdf)

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