Employer relationships


Employers of actuaries and actuarial students play an important role in the development of the Actuarial Society of South Africa.  Employers are required to register with the Actuarial Society in order to support the work based skills development programme and the profession’s professional standards and processes.

This requirement does not replace individual membership of the Society, but is aimed at providing a structure for continuous engagement with employers. Employing firms that wish to offer recognised work based skills development programmes to actuarial students are required to register as “Actuarial Training Offices” (ATOs), while employing firms that wish to provide statutory actuarial services have to register as “Registered Service Providers” (RSPs).

The memorandum linked to this page contains more details. The list of registered service providers is also linked to this page.

EmployerRelationshipsMemorandum-2009 (pdf)

RegisteredServiceProviders-200811 (pdf)