Past presntations 2017

Pensions Conference 2017

Digital Disruption - Michael Jordaan

South Africa: Struggling in the face of a binary future-Peter Worthington

Impact on investment downgrades on retirement funds

Market conduct regulation: A retirement funds perspective - Leanne Jackson

Challenges for DC Schemes Today -Anne Cabot - Alletzhauer

A brief survey of Social Security - Stephen Walker

Retirement Matters Sessional Meeting - Prof.Anthony Asher - 20 July

Annuity design

Life Assurance Seminar - 19 May - Cape Town

Rethinking product design: innovation required for the microinsurance market - Panel

Thuso Segopolo

Nigel Bowman

Ola Oyekan

Group Supervision - Lessons learnt and future route

Professionalism videos and discussion

CPD for Stautory actuaries

Critical Illness

IFRS 17 lessons learnt from Initial Implementation-CPT

IFRS 17 lessons learnt from Initial Implementation - JHB

Market Conduct Risk

Exploring Blockchain Technology



Healthcare Seminar - 4 May 2017


Health information exchange

Demarcation: Industry perspective

CMS regulatory landscape update

ITAP inflation measurement

HMI: Case mix adjustment methodology


Value of influencing behaviour

Panel discussion: Supply induced demand - Marine Erasmus

Supply induced demand -Sarika Besesar


Joint Sessional Meeting Investments & Retirement Matters - 6 April 2017

Umbrella Fund Impact On Asset Managment Industry

ASSA NSSF Scenarios


CSI Sessional Meeting- 29 March 2017

CSI Pensioner Mortality Presentation

Banking Webinar - 29 March 2017

Practical application examples

Actuaries in banking

Case studies for banking

FSB Sessional meeting 1 Feb 

AVB 2015