Past Presentations

Convention 2016

Presented at the 2016 Actuarial Convention, Cape Town



Banking Seminar 22 November 2016

Competing to win in a Digital and Data Driven World - Peter Schlebusch

The evolving role for Actuaries in Banking - Grant Kelly

Measuring customer value and viewing customers in a Holistic Manner - Pravin Burra

From Solvency II with love: a Cost-of-Capital approach to determine an appropriate LGD discount rate - Janette Larney

Modelling Low Default Portfolios- Mamari Keita 


Short Term Insurance Sessional Meeting 10 November 2016

valuation bases used by Short Term insurers for 2015 year-end reporting

Banking Sessional Meeting 28 September 2016

Emerging Themes in Model Risk Management


STIC Seminar 5 September 2016

One-year Reserve Risk

Correlation assumptions underlying SAM

Professionalism Case Study

IFRS 4 Phase II Update & Discussion

Risk and Capital Management Survey Results

The Actuary & ERM

The Actuary & Enterprise Risk Management:Integrating Reserve Variability

Pensions Seminar 1 August 2016

SA Macro outlook

International Evidence on the Determinants of Savings

Should it only be about retirement

Funding for life of death

Casual Event charges

RMC  Sessional 20 July 2016

Converting a DC pension pot into a retirement income stream

Life Assurance IFRS 4 Phase 2 update on drafting

IFRS 4 Phase 2

Investment Seminar 8 June 2016

Dana day

Annabel Bishop

Nerina Visser

Data Science / Business Intelligence Sessional meeting 9/11 May 2016

Rise of the Machines – where did all the actuaries go?

Diving deep into machine learning

Healthcare Seminar 11 May 2016

Utilisation and contribution inflation

Primary Healthcare Insurance

Option selection dynamics

Medical scheme solvency framework

NHI subcommittee feedback

Down the rabbit hole - Actuarial practice in the public sector

Reflecting on the actuarial profession

OECD Review

Health market inquiry feedback

Life Assurance Seminar 2016

An analysts view on the insurance industry in South Africa

The Uber Life Insurance Company

SARB as a regulator - what lies in wait for the insurance industry

The SA economy

Data Analytics

Investment Sessional - April 2016

Rating agencies and the practical implications for the SA market

Risk of rating downgrade final

FSB - Regulatory Update February 2016

Regulatory update

Banking Sessional - February 2016

Systemic Risk - Banking Networks and Shock Propagation

Dynamic Affordability Assessment

The Incongruence amongst the Exercises of Consumer Credit Risk Management

Retirement Matter Sessional - February 2016

The Taxation Laws Amendment Act 2015 and Regulations issued pursuant to the Act

Short Term Insurance Sessionals January 2016

Insurance Industry FSB Feedback

Short Term insurance Sessionals February 2016

Average valuation bases of long-term insurers