Past Presentations


Investment Sessional Meeting; December 2015

An Economic Update - Kevin Lings

Evolution of Asset Management in South Africa; Muitheri Wahome

EFRM Seminar, 9 September 2015

Legacy Risk

Cyber Presentation

Model Risk in 2015

Operational Risk – Focus Areas

Dealing with the dilemma of Emerging risk

Regulatory Reporting


Short Term Insurance Seminar, 7 September 2015

A case for User Specified Parameters in SAM

Pricing Flood and Severe Thunderstorm

SCR Optimization under SAM

STIC Committee Communications

Reserve Working Party - Industry Survey Results

Price Optimizations and TCF

Exposure Management Working Party

Professionalism - CPD

Pensions Conference, 3 August 2015

An appropriate DC life-stage model (pdf)
An introduction to Smart Beta investing (pdf)
Disciplinary complaints procedure (pdf)
Alternative investments in the DC space (pdf)
Accounting issues and the treatment of fixed post retirement rates (pdf)
Umbrella vs Freestanding funds vs Group RA's-Making the correct decisions (pdf)
Recent PFA rulings: some high level take-aways (pdf)
RMC reportback (pdf)

Banking and Finance Seminar, 24 July 2015

Hot Topics in Capital Management, and the practical application of the actuarial subject (pdf)
Discussion by Tom Winterboer (pdf)
Development Credit - A case study (pdf)
A high level synopsis of some key issues confronting banks (pdf)
Liquidity risk mamagement for banks and how Africa is different (pdf)

Banking and Finance Sessional Meeting - IFRS 9 Accounting Principles , June 2015

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments (pdf)

Life Assurance Seminar, May 2015

Is Intergenerational Smoothing Fair to Clients (pdf)
Is Intergenerational Smoothing Fair to Clients (pdf)
IFRS4 Phase 2: The Implications of the Proposed Treatment of Particiapting Contracts for South African Life Insurers (pdf)
How Low Can We Go? A Discussion on Whether Life Microinsurance Schemes Offer Value at Low Claims Ratio (pdf)
EV Calculation in a SAM World Part 1 (pdf)
Regulatory Update (pdf)
An Initial Study into the LApse Experience of New Generation Risk Products (pdf)

Financial Calculators Sessional Meeting, February 2015

Financial Calculators - Anthony Asher (pdf)

Health CPD Seminar 7 May 2015

Health CPD Seminar 7 May 2015

LIMS: Roseanne da Silva

LIMS Revisited ASSA Healthcare CPD Seminar 7May15_Roseanne da Silva.pdf

Low Cost Benefit Option Framework: Paresh Prema 

LCBO ASSA Healthcare CPD Seminar 7May15_Paresh Prema.pdf

Cost drivers and low cost benefit: Emile Stipp

ASSA Healthcare inflation and LCBO 7May15_Emile Stipp.pdf

Medical Insurance: Richard Blackman

ASSA Presentation - Richard Blackman Final (2).pdf

Low cost Health Insurance plans: Willem Claasen

ASSA presentation 7 May 2015 - W Claasen.pdf

Update on Competition Commission submissions: Barry Childs

Barry Childs - CPD - 20140507- Barry Childs.pdf

Predictive modelling of future Healthcare outcomes: Sarah Bennett / Stefan Strydom

Predictive modelling of future healthcare outcomes 7 May FINAL.pdf

Measuring in-hospital claim volatility: Gary Scott

20150506 ASSA presentation_Claims volatility_Gary Scott.pdf

Medical Scheme Investments: Roshan Bhana

ASSA presentation - 7May15 ASSA CPD Day_Roshan Bhana.pdf