Past Presentations 2014

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Normative Skills Sessional Meeting, October 2014

Normative Skill 14&15 October (pdf)

Investments Sessional Meeting, September 2014

A Study on Size and Style Investing in South Africa (pdf)
Moving from Fund Performance to Manager Skill (pdf)

ERM Seminar, August 2014


The Evolution of Risk Management Framework (pdf)
The CRO and the Board (pdf)
Financial Stability in SA (pdf)
The Countercyclical Capital Buffer (pdf)
Model Risk & Validation (pdf)
Consumer Vulnerability and Risks to the Economy (pdf)
Key Developments in the Banking Sector (pdf)


Risk Management in the Construction Sector (pdf)
Risk Management in the Insurance Sector (pdf)
Using Complexity Science to Measure Risk (pdf)
Professionalism and ERM (pdf)
Operational Risk: Banking vs Insurance (pdf)
Quantifying Operational Risk (pdf)

Short Term Insurance Convention, August 2014

Market Conduct Regulation under Twin Peaks (pdf)
Reinsurance optimisation (pdf)
Work Based Skills (pdf)
Optimal ORSA Operationalisation (pdf)
A Practical application of ORSA in the South African Environment (pdf)
Social Impact Insurance (pdf)

Retirement Matters Seminar, August 2014

The roles played by actuaries in the supervision of retirement funds in South Africa:  challenges and opportunities identified by the registrar (pdf)
Treating Customers Fairly (pdf)
Trends in DC and rethinking of benefit design (pdf)
Rules of DC funds and the responsibility of the actuary in approving their financial soundness (pdf)
Challenges the actuarial profession poses (pdf)
Tax amendments and implications on DB schemes (pdf)
RMC Feedback (pdf)

Micro-Insurance Sessional Meeting, June 2014

Micro-Insurance in Practice - Observations from around Africa (pdf)
Micro-Insurance in Practice - Experience in the funeral insurance space (pdf)

Banking and Finance Sessional Meeting, June 2014

Bank Asset, Liability & Capital Management (pdf)

Healthcare CPD day, May 2014

Scheme consolidation trends (pdf)
Longer-term impact of ageing on the open scheme market (pdf)
NHI update and debate
NHI update and debate (pdf)
Competition in the South African economy (pdf)
Value of managed care (pdf)
Wellness, behaviour and medical inflation (pdf)
Feedback from ICA

Investment Seminar, May 2014

A Much-Needed Wake-up Call for Pension Fund Professionals – What really matters in delivering outcomes (pdf)
New bond indices and other JSE index developments (pdf)
Sustainability and Responsibility in Investing (pdf)
SA and The Financial Sector – The Way Forward (pdf)
The role of an Actuary as a CFO or CRO (pdf)
How active is your fund manager? Active Share and mutual fund performance (pdf)

Life Assurance Seminar, May 2014

Retail Distribution Review - Lessons to be learnt from the UK and intentions for South Africa (pdf)
Retail Distribution Review - Lessons to be learnt from the UK and intentions for South Africa (pdf)
CSI update (pdf)
Practical implications of IFRS 4 Phase 2 (pdf)
Insurability and survival of lives living with HIV and other chronic disease in South Africa (pdf)
Fraud in Micro-insurance (pdf) - Johannesburg only
Risk Appetite (pdf)
Tax update (pdf)
Feedback on SAM Economic Impact Survey (pdf)
The Professional Matters Board: current professionalism issues and structural changes (pdf)

LAC Sessional Meeting, January 2014

Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (pdf)

Social Security Sessional Meeting, February 2014

Social Security in Africa: An actuarial perspective (pdf)