Past presentations 2013

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2013 Convention

The Actuarial Society 2013 Convention was held in Sandton on 31 October -1 November 2013.


LAC/FSB Sessional Meeting, November 2013

Average Valuation Bases for 2012 (pdf) 

Supporting Excel Workbook (xls)


Current FSB Hot Topics sessional meeting

FSB Feedback Seminar (pdf)

Short Term Insurance Sessional Meeting, September 2013

 Capital and Regulatory Requirements for Captive Insurers (pdf) 


EFRMC Sessional Meeting, August 2013

Model Validation (pdf)

Risk Appetite: Finding its rightful place and shape (pdf)


Short Term Insurance Convention, August 2013 

Catastrophe Risk in an Age of Uncertainty (pdf)

IFRS4 Phase II Re-Exposure Draft (pdf)

Demand Modelling and Optimisation (pdf)

Professionalism (pdf)

Panel Discussion - wider field within GI space (pdf)

SAM Regulatory Developments in Short Term Insurance (pdf)

Latest Developments on the Role of the Appointed Actuary(pdf)


LAC Sessional Meeting, August 2013 

IFRS4 Phase 2- Re-Exposure Draft (pdf)


Retirement Matters Committee Seminar, August 2013

Panel Discussion: Impact of low yields on DB valuations and DC schemes JAnderson (pdf)

Panel Discussion: Impact of low yields on DB valuations and DC schemes - DKnee (pdf)

Panel Discussion: Impact of low yields on DB valuations and DC schemes - JGeldenhuis (pdf)

A practical look at professionalism (pdf)

Investment de-risking methods and approaches – What every actuary should be aware of! (pdf)

Liability driven investing in a DC world (pdf)

Risk Sensitive Benchmarking (pdf)

CSI report back : Pensioner mortality and trends (pdf)

Retirement Reform: an industry player’s perspective (pdf)

RMC Feedback (pdf)


Healthcare CPD Day, May 2013

Tales from an international healthcare actuary’s experiences (pdf)

An overview of non-health expenditure (pdf)

Considerations in addressing the absence of a framework for health price determination in South Africa (pdf)

Supply and demand interactions (pdf)

Global Medical Trends (pdf)

Comparison of modelling approaches for healthcare beneficiary cost data (pdf)

Trends in PRMA liabilities (pdf)

Using pre-authorisation data to estimate IBNR reserves for hospital claims (pdf)

Can performance based fees work for administration and managed care? Facilitated debate (pdf)


Life Assurance Seminar May 2013

The role of the Actuary under SAM (pdf)

Estimating Long-Term Volatility Parameters for Market-Consistent Models (pdf)

Update on the ORSA (pdf)

Micro-insurance update (pdf)

CSI update - CSI committee - Assured Lives (pdf)

CSI update - CSI committee - Pensioners Mortality Study (pdf)

Update on IFRS4 Phase 2 (pdf)

TCF Panel Discussion (pdf)

The Impact of Management Actions on Reserving and Capital Requirements (pdf)

Update on Taxation of Life Offices - LAC Tax subcommittee