Past presentations 2012


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2012 Convention

The Actuarial Society 2012 Convention was held in Cape Town on 16-17 October 2012.

Pensions Conference July 2012

The latest South African scenarios (pdf)
The lifetime harvesting plan: Smoothed annuities with sharing of mortality and averaging of investment risks (pdf)
IAA note on enterprise risk management for pensions (pdf)
Strengthening retirement savings: An overview of proposals announced in the 2012 Budget (pdf)
Annuities: A review of current Treasury thinking (pdf)
In-fund annuities (pdf)
Fund-paid pensions (pdf)
Pensioners – In-fund vs outsourced: Observations by Arthur Els (pdf)
The position of DC fund members: What should we be doing (pdf)
FSB feedback (pdf)

Life Assurance Seminar May 2012

IFRS4 Phase II: Implications for the financial reporting actuaries (pdf)
Will the true risk-free rate please step forward (pdf)
HIV and AIDS: A changing epidemic (pdf)
FSB: Treating customers fairly (pdf)
Gender and insurance (pdf)
EU ruling on gender rating (pdf)
Professionalism issues (Emil Boeke) (pdf)
Professionalism issues (Paul Lancaster) (pdf)
CSI Committee update (pdf)
Managing capital in an SAM environment (pdf)
Update on IFRS II (pdf)
The volatility skew problem (pdf)
Contract boundaries (pdf)

Short-term Insurance Convention 2012

Leadership in the 21st century (pdf)
Capital and portfolio management tools for pricing (pdf)
IFRS4 Phase II (pdf)
Practical reserving under SAM (pdf)
Professionalism (pdf)
Positioning the risk management and actuarial functions under SAM (pdf)
A cell captive company in a SAM regime (pdf)
A risk-based approach to pricing for short-term insurers: A case study approach (pdf)
Actuary vs underwriter (pdf)

Healthcare CPD Event May 2012

Stan Eiser: The health of the medical schemes industry (pdf)
Christoff Raath: The health of the medical schemes industry (pdf)
Progressive IBNR methods (pdf)
Health care financing: Employers’ rights and obligations and Protection of Personal Information Bill (pdf)
Tackling back-related claims: A case study (pdf)
Review of the South African market for hospital cash plan products (pdf)
Demarcation of health insurance business (pdf)
The demarcation between medical schemes and health insurance (pdf)

Combined Long-term and Short-term Sessional Meeting February 2012

Solvency assessment and management: Results of first South African quantitative impact study (zip)
Feedback on QIS1: Long-term insurers (pdf)
Feedback on QIS1: Non-life participation (pdf)

Banking and Finance Sessional Meeting January 2012

Scorecard development and subsequent pricing strategies – Retail banking (pdf)

Sessional meetings 2012

IFRS Insurance Contracts (28 November 2012) (ppt)