Past presentations 2006-2010

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ICA 2010

The International Congress of Actuaries 2010 was held in Cape Town on 7-12 March 2010.

The Actuary and the Law Seminar October 2010

Professional negligence (ppt)
Duty of good faith / fiduciary duty (pdf)
The actuary and the law: Defining the issues (ppt)

Enterprise and Financial Risk Seminar October 2010

Enterprise risk management and risk appetite (pdf)
Risk appetite: What boards grapple with (ppt)
Risk appetite: A practising actuary’s perspective (ppt)

Retirement Matters Seminar October 2010

Treating customers fairly (ppt)
Dynamic hedging: A case study (ppt)
Managing fund managers (ppt)
Behavioural finance for pensions actuaries (ppt)
Professionalism: Perspectives on quality from other professions (Mickey Lowther) (ppt)
Professionalism: Perspectives on quality from other professions (Henk Heymans) (ppt)
Current hot topics: PGN201 (ppt)
Current hot topics: Valuator practising certificates (ppt)
Current hot topics: Pensions accounting update (ppt)
Current hot topics: FSB feedback (ppt)

Life Assurance Seminar September 2010

IASB exposure draft: Insurance contracts (ppt)
Internal models: What comes after copulas? (ppt)
Market consistent calibration in South Africa (ppt)
Treating customers fairly (ppt)
CSI Committee update (ppt)
Pricing for HIV+ lives (ppt)

Sessional meetings 2010

NHI cost and supply model (May 2010) (ppt)
National Treasury: Draft Regulation 28 (25 March 2010) (pdf)
FSB overview of the experience of long-term insurers in SA for 2009 (pdf)
Use of equity risk premium by actuary (ppt)
Solvency II Fifth Quantitative Impact Study (QIS5) (pdf)

2009 Convention

Long-term sustainability of medical schemes (pdf)
Internal models - FSB feedback on on-site visits (pdf)
Impact of global financial crisis: The facts, the international perspective and a consulting perspective (pdf)
Risk based capital (pdf)
International Accounting Standards developments: Update on IFRS Phase II of insurance (pdf)
Pensions and the financial crisis - An international perspective (pdf)
Market consistent value of liabilities (pdf)
Impact of global economic turmoil on the retirement fund industry: The consulting perspective (pdf)
Retirement fund reform for dummies (pdf)
Practice cost study submissions for National Health Reference Price List: Methodology and issues (pdf)
Market Consistent Embedded Value: A practical perspective (pdf)
What do pensions actuaries require from Professional Guidance Notes (pdf)
Changes to the Consumer Price Index with a focus on health (pdf)
Are market consistent techniques actually market consistent (pdf)
Managing agency risk in defined contribution retirement funds (pdf)
Private sector hospital capacity (pdf)
Lessons from life insurers who have got into difficulty (pdf)
The devil is in the detail.pdf
The impact of sequential implementation of complex healthcare financing reforms.pdf
The impact of sequential implementation of complex healthcare financing reforms (xls)
ERM in the life insurance industry: Cobus Fourie (pdf)
ERM in the life insurance industry: Kallie Kotze (pdf)
ERM in the life insurance industry: Theo Estie (pdf)
ERM in the life insurance industry: Anthony Bice (pdf)
2009 Annual General Meeting.pdf
Professionalism issues.pdf
The lights are on, but no-one is at home.pdf
The medical schemes environment: An update from the regulator.pdf
The arbitrage-free equilibrium pricing of liabilities in an incomplete market.pdf
Defined contribution and age related benefits: The equitable myth.pdf
Challenging times.pdf
ERM: Opportunity for a lifetime.pdf

Short-term Insurance Convention 2009

The forgotten risks, change and risk management (pdf)
Enterprise risk management (pdf)
FCR implementation: Some practical considerations (pdf)
Fighting insurance crime: A joint initiative (pdf)
Internal models – Initial FSB feedback on on-site visits (pdf)
Pricing for value creation – Predictive modelling: the state of the art (pdf)

Sessional meetings 2009

FASSA 2010: The South African actuarial qualification (March 2009) (ppt)
October 2009 South African Hedge Fund Survey (presentation) (pdf)
October 2009 South African Hedge Fund Survey (report) (pdf)
The outlook for inflation in South Africa (3 November 2009) (ppt)
FSB overview of the experience of long-term insurers in SA for 2008 (17/19 November 2009) (ppt)
FSB overview of the experience of long-term insurers in SA for 2008 (17/19 November 2009) (xls)
Professional issues in short-term insurance (ppt)

2008 Convention

Catastrophe modelling.pdf
Generating interest rate scenarios for fixed income portfolio optimization (pdf)
Educating for actuarial quality (pdf)
Optimal annuity strategies after retirement (pdf)
The impact of wellness activities on hospital and chronic claims experience (pdf)
Modelling the market in a risk-averse world: The case of South Africa (pdf)
Factors likely to affect the successful completion of an actuarial qualification in South Africa (pdf)
Free cover limits and group underwriting in South Africa (pdf)
An introduction to Solvency II (pdf)
Prediction markets: A new investment tool (pdf)
The role of statutory actuaries in Australian life insurance (pdf)
A stochastic programming approach to integrated asset and liability management of insurance products with guarantees (pdf)
The IAA and its role in shaping the future of the actuarial profession (pdf)
An update on the UK profession’s merger proposals (pdf)
ERM and the role of actuaries (pdf)
The global ERM designation: Establishing a local ERM education programme (pdf)
Professionalism (pdf)
Measuring economic capital in the life insurance industry (pdf)
Active and passive investments (pdf)
Has community rating produced optimal results?.pdf
The estimation and interpretation of adult mortality using Census 2001 data (pdf)
The Association for Savings & Investments SA (pdf)
2008 Presidential Address (pdf)
Practical implications of implementing an effective ERM framework (pdf)
Living annuities: The advisory process (pdf)
International developments in pensions provision: Developments in the West (pdf)
International developments in pensions provision – the view from East Asia (pdf)
Widening the reach of insurance in South Africa - A futures perspective (pdf)
Financial Services in South Africa: Issues and challenges (pdf)
Financial Services in South Africa: Issues in banking to 2010 (pdf)

Short-term Insurance Convention 2008

An introduction to claims reserving methods (ppt)
Struggles with data: The life of the short-term insurance actuary (ppt)
The hitchhiker’s guide to engineering insurance (ppt)
Innovation and growth at Swiss Re (ppt)

Stochastic reserving using industry data – Some highlights from the motor class (ppt)

Social Security and Retirement Reform Seminar 2008

Straddling the socio-economic needs of developed and developing countries: Lessons from abroad (ppt)
Public and private pension fund reform – Getting it right first time: A UK perspective (ppt)
The Rand Mutual Assurance Company Limited (ppt)
DB or not DB: That is the question (ppt)
Benefit design: Low-income perspectives (ppt)
Umbono Fund Managers (ppt)
National Treasury: Social security and retirement reform (ppt)
Social Security and Retirement Reform Seminar: Opening remarks (ppt)
Benefit design: Don’t leave the poor behind (ppt)
Investment strategies for the National Security Savings Fund (ppt)
HIV and AIDS and Social Security and Retirement Reform (ppt)
Department of Social Development: Social security and retirement reform implications (ppt)

Sessional meetings 2008

Stochastic reserving in short-term insurance: A case study using South African industry data (ppt)

2007 Convention

IBNR versus EBNER – An alternative method of allowing for late reported claims (pdf)
The application of expected-utility theory to the choice of investment channels in a defined-contribution retirement fund (pdf)
Long term forecasting and hedging of the South African Yield Curve (pdf)
Smoothed bonus governance (pdf)
The value of financial advice: It’s not (just) about the cost (pdf)
Stochastic modelling for dummies (pdf)
Taxation of life insurance in South Africa revisited (pdf)

Short-term Insurance Convention 2007

Update from the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries' "GRIP" Taskforce (ppt)
A South African perspective on the future of marine insurance (ppt)
Demystifying the world of reinsurance (ppt)
Short term insurance cycle (ppt)
Underwriters versus actuaries in short-term insurance premium rating (pdf)
FSB update on Financial Condition Reporting (ppt)

2006 Convention

How much is enough? A discussion of retirement benefits and communication in defined contribution arrangements (pdf)
Evaluating the impact of an avian flu epidemic in South Africa: What is the potential cost of excess deaths to the life insurance industry? (pdf)
The impact of HIV/AIDS on medical schemes in South Africa (pdf)
New sources of wealth, new sources of conflict: A historical approach to burial societies and insurance among the Xhosa in South Africa (pdf)
Asbestos-related disease modelling for a South African compensation trust (pdf)
Performance-based investment management fees: A South African perspective (pdf)
Poverty and inequality in South Africa and the world (pdf)
Stochastic models for actuarial use: The equilibrium modelling of local markets (pdf)
Essays on planning and products (pdf)
With profit annuities - A guide for trustees (pdf)
The potential demographic impact of an avian flu pandemic in South Africa (pdf)
Is private equity a suitable investment for South African pension funds? (pdf)
Using scenario planning to create thought leadership: A case study (pdf)
The pricing of Asian options (pdf)
Assessing the impact of a pandemic on the life insurance industry in South Africa (pdf)

Short-term Insurance Convention 2006

An actuarial toolkit (pdf)
Financial Condition Reporting (pdf)
Catastrophe modelling in South Africa: Model availability, market need and data capture (pdf)
Practicality of pricing short term insurance risks (pdf)
Individual capital assessment (ICA) from a UK perspective (pdf)
FSB: FCR – Comparison with international trends in solvency assessment (pdf)
Seismicity of SA, past and future (pdf)
Microinsurance: Product innovation essential (pdf)