Past presentations 1995-1999

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1999 Convention

The impact of HIV/AIDS on medical scheme solvency (pdf)
The continuing professional development scheme of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (pdf)
Who was counted in? Some possible deficiencies with the 1996 Census results (pdf)
Privately managed old age pension schemes: Theory and reality (pdf)
Further actuarial analysis of the health care reform process in South Africa (pdf)
Towards a local education system for actuaries in South Africa (pdf)

1998 Convention

The education and continuing professional development of actuaries (pdf)
In the eye of the beholder: Profit reporting round the world (pdf)
Equity in the distribution of surplus within a retirement fund (pdf)
AIDS: Where are we? (pdf)
Measuring, managing and building life company shareholder value (pdf)
A unified framework for life insurance (pdf)
ASSA600: An AIDS model of the third kind? (pdf)
A defence of expected utility theory for certain actuarial applications (pdf)
Risk adjusted capital in a general insurance environment (pdf)
General principles of actuarial science (pdf)
South African healthcare systems (pdf)

1997 Convention

Effective and ethical institutional investment (pdf)
An actuarial analysis of the impact of South African health care reforms (pdf)
Conference-ActuarialAnalysisofSAHeathCare-1997 (pdf)
An overview of the new profit reporting basis for life insurers in South Africa (pdf)
Democratisation of employee benefits (pdf)
Investment risk and asset modelling: Can financial economics be of use? (pdf)
Strategies for the management of a defined benefit contribution fund (pdf)
Retirement fund conversions - Challenges and risks (pdf)
A great wind is blowing - Dynamics of the German life insurance market (pdf)

1996 Convention

A review of Thomson’s stochastic investment model (pdf)
Reportback by the CSI Committee – Mortality investigation 1991-94 (pdf)
Ways to improve the link between actuarial analysis and decision making (pdf)
Flexible risk benefits: Adding a new course to the menu (pdf)
Passive fund management in South Africa (pdf)
Graduation of the 1985-90 assured life mortality experience: A question of maintaining standards (pdf)
The incubation of actuarial techniques in the rating of private motor insurance in South Africa (pdf)
Whittaker-Henderson likelihood enhancements to parametric graduations (pdf)
Managed health care and South Africa (pdf)
The right to underwrite? An actuarial perspective with a difference (pdf)

1995 Convention

Funding for post retirement medical benefits (pdf)
Medical aid scheme liability modelling (pdf)
A practical guide to stochastic asset modelling (pdf)
Far from the madding crowd (pdf)
Actuaries and the internet (pdf)