The Actuarial Society is the professional body for actuaries in South Africa.

What makes a profession?

A profession is an occupation in which an individual uses an intellectual skill based on an established body of knowledge and practice to provide a specialised service in a defined area, exercising independent judgement in accordance with a code of ethics and in the public interest.

 The Actuarial Society’s aims

  • Grow the reputation of the actuarial profession in South Africa as one of substance and stature, serving and valued by our stakeholders.
  • Develop the knowledge, expertise and skills of members and grow the reputation of the profession as a primary source of authoritative advice and thought leadership in the understanding, modelling and management of financial and other measurable risk.
  • Develop a profession whose professional conduct and discipline meet the highest professional standards.
  • Deliver professional member services that are valued by its members.
  • Develop the demographic representation of the profession in a way that supports transformation in South Africa.