Operational Boards


Council’s management responsibilities are shared by four operational boards. These boards deal with matters related to the maintenance of the Actuarial Society as an enterprise, rather than with matters that actuaries deal with in their daily professional activities. The latter are dealt with by the various Practice Area Committees.

The four boards are the:

  • Education Board
  • Operations and Member Services Board
  • Professional Matters Board
  • Stakeholder Board

Education Board

The Board is accountable to Council for:

  • the development and maintenance of a world class education system covering both pre and post qualification requirements
  • ensuring that the education system on offer remains relevant to the changing needs of the profession.

Chairperson: Michael Tichareva,
Members: Conrad Backeberg, Mike McDougall, Greg Buckle, Rinus du Plessis, Wim Els, Andrew Gladwin, Stephen Jurisich, Paul Lewis, Hillie Meyer, Dave Strugnell, Garrett Slattery, Emile Stipp, Peter Temple, Estelle Viljoen, Janine Laubscher, Roseanne Da Silva.

Operations and Member Services Board

The Board is accountable to Council for the on-going development and implementation of a member services strategy and an effective administrative and financial management infrastructure, including the effective management of both employed and volunteer human resources.
Chairperson: Trevor Pascoe
Members: Joanna Legutko, Justin Swanepoel, Llewellyn de Jager, Lisa Langner, Soshan Soobramoney

Professional Matters Board

The Board will be accountable to Council for the maintenance of appropriate professional standards and guidance amongst the members of the Society and for the implementation of the agreed disciplinary process.
Chairperson: Christo Geyer
Members: Mike Codron, Anthony Dienst, Tobe Hope, Mickey Lowther, Patrick Mayne, Nico van der Colff, Mike Walker, Ray Welham.

Stakeholder Board

The Board is accountable to Council for the on-going development and enhancement of the brand of both the Actuarial Society and the actuarial profession and the development of its relationships with its key local and international stakeholders. 
Chairperson: Jaco Langner
Members: Estelle Viljoen, Rowan Burger, Rob Rusconi, Craig Falconer, Nicky Patchett