Council Role and Structure  

The Role of Council

Council directs and controls the activities of the Actuarial Society in in line with the objectives of the Society.

Council Structure

The Council currently consists of 12 Fellow members and one Student observer member. Various management functions have been delegated to operational boards that focus on specific components of running the Actuarial Society.

Current council members

Council for 2016 are: 

Roseanne Murphy da Silva          President

Peter Withey                           President-elect

John Anderson

Tobé Hope

Johann le Roux

Gielie Matthee

Viresh Maharaj

Riyadh Mayet

Lusani Mulaudzi

Trevor Pascoe

Michael Tichareva

Nico van der Colff

Takalani Madzhadzhi                     ASABA Representative

Christopher Rudzuna                     Student Representative


Council election

Council members are not remunerated for their work in this capacity. The maximum term of office for a Council member is four years. The President serves a two year term as President.

At the end of each calendar year, at least three Council members retire. The members who retire are those who have been in office the longest, but this does not include the President or the President-elect. Members who retire, but have not completed a four year term of office, are eligible for re-election.

The Council meets at least four times every year. Two of these meetings are held in Gauteng and two in Cape Town.