Transformation of the actuarial profession falls within the scope of activities of the Operations and Member Services Board. The Transformation Committee, chaired by Soshan Soobramoney, is a committee of this Board. It focuses on targets for transformation and methods of reaching these targets. These methods include promoting the profession among previously disadvantaged communities, mainly by means of exhibitions at careers fairs.
The Transformation Committee follows a collaborative approach in order to ensure the optimal use of financial and other resources. Many of its initiatives are joint ventures with the Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals.  

Transformation charter 

The aim of the Transformation Charter is to make the demographic profile of the actuarial profession more reflective of the South African population. It encourages all actuaries to participate in and assist in the transformation of the broader based South African economy.

TransformationCharter-President-20080229 (pdf)

TransformationCharterMemo-TransformationTaskTeam-200711 (pdf)  


The Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals (ASABA) is an organisation which aims to promote technical and professional development among its members. ASABA and the Actuarial Society operate in an atmosphere of co-operation, with an ASABA observer attending Actuarial Society Council meetings and an Actuarial Society observer attending meetings of the ASABA Executive.

ASABA membership, like that of the Actuarial Society, is open to people of all races.