Membership fees 


The Actuarial Society’s membership subscription fees for 2017 are set out below: 

  Fellows (active)  R 9 900
  Fellows (overseas)  R 1 980
  Fellows (retired <70)  R 1 000
  Fellows (retired >70)  free
  Associates  R 7 840
  Associates (overseas)  R 1 570
  Students (employed)  R 3 620
  Students (pre-employment)  R 720
  Students (overseas)  R 730
  Affiliates  R 7 840
  Library  free
  CERA  R 670


  • A 10% levy applies if subscriptions are paid after 31 March.
  • A 20% levy applies if a member chooses to receive correspondence by snail mail.
  • A 50% discount applies to full-time academics.        
  • "Retired" Fellows include members who take sabbatical, e.g. to raise children.
  • Subscription fees are charged on a monthly pro rata basis for members who join or whose membership category changes during the course of the year.
  • Members who qualify for Associate status, but do not apply for this category of membership, will continue paying the subscription fees for employed Students.
  • If membership lapsed due to non-payment of subscriptions and the member applies for reinstatement, all arrears subscriptions plus a reinstatement fee equal to the subscription for the previous year is payable.
  • Affiliate fees are increased to R7750.00, which is the rate for Associate members.