Member section

Step by Step process

You are about to access the updated member section of our online systems. Here you can view/update your personal and contact details, view/log your CPD activities or view/download your educational records (students only)
In order to log in to the member section, you will need your membership number and a password.
If you are not sure what your membership number is, go to the membership number retrieval page and fill out your system email address, to which your membership number will then be emailed.
Please note that the system email address is the one on which you receive all the society’s notifications and announcements. If you are not sure what the correct email address is, please contact ASSA Member Services  on 0215095951 or email  memberservices@actuarialsociety.org.za .
In order to obtain or reset your password, go to http://member.actuarialsociety.co.za/ForgotPassword.aspx and enter your membership number and the system email address as per the above. A new password will be emailed to you. It is advisable to change your password after logging in through the change password functionality.