Becoming a student member


In order for you to enter for examinations or apply for exemptions you first need to apply for student membership of the Actuarial Society of South Africa.

Step 1: Meet the academic requirements for student admission

The Student Admissions Committee will, subject to its discretion, admit as student members of the Actuarial Society applicants who satisfy the academic requirements outlined below:

For admission as a Student Member of the Actuarial Society of South Africa a person must have passed either Mathematics II or Mathematical Statistics II (on the mainstream level, rather than any ancillary level) through a SAQA recognised university, and have met at least one of the following minimum performance requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree with a major in Actuarial Science, including courses equivalent to at least 7 of the 8 A100 and A200 level subjects of the Actuarial Society, from a university with full Level 2 accreditation from the Actuarial Society; or
  • An Honours (or equivalent four-year) degree in Actuarial Science, including a course equivalent to Subject A301 of the Actuarial Society, from a university with Level 3 accreditation from the Actuarial Society; or
  • Have reached the standard required for an exemption from any of the A200 examinations at a university with Level 2 accreditation from the Actuarial Society; or
  • A pass in Subject A201 (which may be written as a non-member of the Actuarial Society); or
  • A pass in an A200-equivalent examination of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries; or
  • At least 65% for Mathematics II/III or Mathematical Statistics II/III; or
  • At least 70% for Mathematics I.

Note: Where a minimum mark is specified for a particular subject this refers to the average mark for all modules which constitute that subject.

Step 2: Obtain a recommendation

Students who studied at accredited universities

Applications for admission from students who have studied at universities accredited by the Actuarial Society need to include a recommendation from the university’s Accreditation Actuary (by way of his/her signature as a referee on the application form).

The Accreditation Actuaries are as follows:

University  Actuary 
University of Cape Town Ms Joanna Legutko
University of Stellenbosch Prof Garrett Slattery
University of Pretoria Ms Marli Venter
University of the Witwatersrand Prof Stephen Jurisich
University of the Free State Mr Frans Koning
North-West University
(Potchefstroom Campus)
Ms Janette Larney

Students who studied at non-accredited universities

Applications for admission from students who have studied at universities that are not accredited by the Actuarial Society do not need a recommendation from an Accreditation Actuary. However a recommendation and declaration by two Referees is required for all applications for Student Membership:

- One should be the approved actuarial academic from the applicant’s university where such a person exists. If not, it is to be completed by a Fellow from another Actuarial body or a member from another professional body (e.g. CA with SAICA or lawyer with FBCSA) or university academic (lecturer/s who have taught the applicant)
- One should be completed by a Fellow member of the Actuarial Society

Upon receipt by the Actuarial Society all such applications will be sent to the Convenor of the Society’s Admissions Committee for consideration.

Step 3: Complete the online membership application process

Individuals intending to write the examination with ASSA must submit their online applications and documents on or before the closing dates for Admissions. Those applying for admission after the closing date will not have their applications processed in time to register to write an examination in the upcoming examination session.

Please refer to the following for: Admission, Registration and exam dates and times

Steps in the process:

  • Read and review the admission requirements before starting your application:
  • Register your details by setting up a temporary account following the link below


  • Activate your temporary account after receipt of your activation email
  • Complete your personal details on your temporary account.
  • Submit your online application after you have provided all the relevant details.
  • You will receive a notification email from the system including a referee recommendation form and a request for the following documents:
- Certified copy of your ID document.
- For foreign students: certified copy of your passport.
- Certified copy of your NSC/Matriculation results.

- Your original university academic transcripts (no certified copies will be accepted).

  • Once your application has been approved and accepted, you will receive a confirmation letter and you will be invoiced and liable for payment of the once-off Admission fee.  Please refer to the Fees schedule for the current Admission fee.

·     Please send all documents requested via speed post or courier service. Please do not send them via registered mail.

The Actuarial Society’s postal address is:

Actuarial Society of South Africa

P.O. Box 4464

Cape Town,


Physical Address for courier service:

Actuarial Society of South Africa

c/o Old Mutual Office 2

2nd Floor West End Mall

Jan Smuts Drive

Pinelands, 7405

For any questions, please contact:

ASSA Member Services 

Tel: +27 21 509 5951

Email: memberservices@actuarialsociety.org.za