Social Security Member Forum



For the purposes of this committee, "social security" encompasses all social transfers in kind and in cash that are typically organised by the state. Benefits include cash transfers, such as pensions, income grants, short term cash benefits (sickness, maternity, unemployment), as well as benefits in kind, such as health services.

Social security systems usually serve two basic functions:

  • Alleviating poverty by providing a safety net to individuals facing destitution; and
  • Maintaining income for individuals during periods of economic inactivity.

Social security enhances economic development by providing:

  • Health services that improve the health of workers and their families and hence have an impact on productivity.
  • Income replacement benefits that affect the income distribution and, inter alia, permit the maintenance of consumption levels for people during inactive phases of their lives.
  • Anti-poverty benefits that help reduce poverty and maintain social peace, which is a crucial prerequisite for economic growth.


The objectives of the Social Security Member Forum are to:

  • Actively support the development of actuarial practice in the area of social security through the Actuarial Society’s education, CPD, standard setting, public policy and research activities.
  • Actively identify and promote opportunities for members working in the practice area and facilitate communication, discussion and liaison within the profession on relevant topics, and
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of the Actuarial Society from the perspective of the practice area and, in so doing, to support the Actuarial Society brand of “thought leadership”.

Committee members

The majority of members of the committee are required to be competent to contribute in the relevant practice area.

The committee members are as follows:

 Committee member

Fatima Badat (Chair)

Krishen Sukdev

Anthony Asher

Kudzai Chigiji

Natalie van Zyl (Deputy Chair)

Robert Maxwell

Johann Shone



The committee maintains minutes of its meetings and presents an annual report to Council. For information on these, contact Niel Fourie: nfourie@actuarialsociety.org.za

Contact information

You can contact Fatima Badat: fatima.badat@za.ey.com

Useful links

Visit the past presentations webpage for Social Security papers and presentations from past professional events of the Actuarial Society.

The committee provided the following links as relevant sources of information:
• IAA PBSS Committee Reference List: http://www.actuaries.org/index.cfm?DSP=PBSS&ACT=REFERENCES&LANG=EN 

Relevant documents

Please refer to the topic library for relevant documents.