Microinsurance Committee



The committee sets out to identify issues relating to Microinsurance that are relevant to the South African actuarial profession.


The committee has set the following objectives:

  • Identify and contribute to the emerging technical and practice needs of members relating to the growing
    area of Microinsurance.
  • Maintain links with other Practice Area Committees and with other overseas actuarial bodies, including the
    IAA, and other relevant organisations and professional and industry bodies, both in South Africa and

Committee members

The majority of members of the committee are required to be currently active in the relevant practice area.

The committee members are as follows:

 Member   Position
 David Kirk  Chair
 Guy Chennels  
 Janice Angove  Deputy chair
 Junaid Khan  
 Nabeelah Kolia  Secretary
 Richard Montgomery  
 Stefan van der Westhuizen  
 Stephen Burgess  
 Tienie Hamman  
 Lusani Mulaudzi  
 Quintin Augustine  
 Frans Koning  
 Colin van der Meulen  
 Nigel Bowman  
 Ranti Mothapo  
 Carike Nel  
 Paul Zondagh  
 Niel Fourie  
 Machsie Boshoff  
 Andrew Codd  
 Lorna Mclaren  
 Kirshan Reddy  



The committee maintains minutes of its meetings and presents quarterly reports to Council. For information on these, contact Niel Fourie.

Contact information

You can contact David Kirk.

Useful links

Visit the past presentations webpage for Microinsurance papers and presentations from past professional events of the Actuarial Society. See also:

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