Financial and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Committee



The ERM Committee is responsible for growing and supporting the role of actuaries in the field of ERM.


The objectives include:

  • Advise Council on matters of concern to the profession in the field of ERM.
  • Co-operate with other committees and forums of the Actuarial Society to identify areas of joint concern and opportunities for collaborative work. 
  • Facilitate the building of skills, knowledge, research and general resources for members of the profession working in ERM.
  • Promote and encourage the recognition of the skills within the profession pertaining to ERM among relevant stakeholders.
  • Maintain and where possible collaborate with the appropriate Committee(s) of the International Actuarial Association and AFIR (the Financial Risk Section of the International Actuarial Association);
  • Liaises with other professional bodies on enterprise and financial risk related issues. e.g. IRMSA, PRMIA and GARP; and
  • Provides input to regulators on enterprise and financial risk management issues.

Committee members

The committee members are as follows:

 Committee membr         
 Donovan Hutchinson  Chair
 Andries Schutte  

 Garth Griffin

 Education / CERA Treaty
 Janette Larney  Education
 Janina Slawski  
 Loutjie Visagie  
 Michael Gondo  
 Niel Fourie  Staff Actuary: Actuarial Society
 Nishaan Desai  IT & Website
 Paul Zondagh  Representative: Healthcare Committee
 Pravin Burra  Representative: Finance and Banking Committee
 Rob Thomson  Representative: Research Committee
 Rolf van der Heever  
 Sajiv Issuree  
 Tienie Hamman  Representative: Life Assurance Committee
 Wade Butlion  
 Werner Barnard  
 Wikus Jordaan  Secretary
 Wikus Luus  


The committee maintains minutes of its meetings and presents quarterly reports to Council. For information on these, contact Niel Fourie: nfourie@actuarialsociety.org.za

Contact information

You can contact Donovan Hutchinson : donovan.hutchinson@gmail.com

Useful links

Visit the Practice Area Activities for information on the committee’s activities and how it keeps members informed, as well as information pertaining to the Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA) qualification.