The Actuarial Society supports actuaries and promotes the interest of the profession in the various practice areas in which its members operate. In order to accomplish this, different committees, task forces and forums are in place. The Committee Handbook describes the Society Committee structure, provides guidance on how Committees should be run and also outlines what Council expects from Committees.

Practice Area Committees

The various Practice Area Committees are responsible for the technical and research work related to the main practice areas.


The Banking Committee was established to consider the current and potential actuarial involvement in this area. The committee’s objectives include investigation of key issues in the banking environment and providing guidance to actuaries practising in this environment.


The Damages Committee assists actuaries and facilitates communication, discussion and liaison within the profession on relevant topics related to damage assessment.

Enterprise and Financial Risk Management (ERM)

The ERM Committee is responsible for growing and supporting the role of actuaries in the field of ERM.


The Healthcare Committee supports actuaries and actuarial students practising in healthcare and improves the contribution of actuaries to the field in order to enhance the understanding of healthcare issues.


The Investments Committee advises Council and informs the Society's membership on matters relevant to investment actuaries in South Africa.

Life Assurance

The Life Assurance Committee is responsible for developing the interest of the profession in the Life Assurance industry. This includes matters relating to the financial soundness of life assurers.


The Microinsurance Committee is responsible for developing the interest of the profession in all areas related to Microinsurance.

Retirement Matters

The Retirement Matters Committee is responsible for support and development linked to retirement and related funds, including retirement

elements of National Social Security.

Short-term Insurance (STIC)

The Short-term Insurance Committee is responsible for developing the interest of the profession in the Short-term Insurance industry.

Council Standing Committees

These Council Standing Committees support the Practice Areas Committees in areas that impacts the whole actuarial landscape.

Demography & Epidemiology

The Demography & Epidemiology committee aims to assist the profession and Society in assessing and addressing the impact of HIV and AIDS in South Africa.

The most recent ASSA AIDS model was released in March of 2011.

Continuous Statistical Investigations (CSI)

The CSI Committee carries out research into and reports on mortality and morbidity experience in order to improve the factual basis on which actuarial decisions, particularly those relating to contingencies of life or health, are based.


The Research Committee is responsible for the promotion of actuarial research in South Africa.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

The Treating Customers Fairly Committee is responsible for investigating practices that may be “deemed to be unfair towards customers” and which are not currently addressed adequately through law or professional conduct guidelines.

Council Task Forces

ASSA can establish Task Forces to complete a specific task or set of tasks that are important to the Actuarial Society.

Solvency Assessment and Management (SAM)

The Society actively supports the FSB in implementing SAM by encouraging our members to serve on the various SAM committees and steering groups coordinated by the FSB.

Council Member Forums

The Member Forums link together members with a common interest and are open for all members to join. The forums are responsible for knowledge sharing, member support and identifying opportunities for the profession. New groups may be added in future.

Social Security

The Social Security Member Forum is responsible for support and development of actuarial practice in the area of social security.


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