In this section you will find out about the history of the Actuarial Society and where it is heading.

The Actuarial Society is a large organisation.  This section will help you navigate through the various bodies and structures in the Actuarial Society.

Find out what the plans of the Actuarial Society in this section.

The origins and path of the Actuarial Society are described here.

The Actuarial Society has various types of membership.  Find out about each type of membership in this section as well as the code of conduct and disciplinary process that governs members.

The Actuarial Society conducts research and discusses topical issues for various financial issues.  Find out more about the committees that have been created and the work being done in each of these areas.

The Actuarial Society Development Trust was formed in 2009 to provide grants to universities and fund other worthy causes. 

Key contacts for the Actuarial Society staff can be found here.